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Welcome to the Perilous Crystal Caves Website!

This website has been created to honour Apogee Software's Crystal Caves PC adventure game - an old game, but certainly not a forgotten one.

Crystal Caves consists of three 'episodes', in which Mylo Steamwitz - the luckless miner and protagonist of the games - explores the perilous Crystal Caves of Altair in search of crystals which he can then trade at the Galactic Trading Post for cash to fund his money-making schemes.

Crystal Caves was originally released on October 23, 1991 by Apogee Software, which means on October 23, 2006 Crystal Caves will be 15 years old!

The 24th of October, 2005 saw a new patch released for Crystal Caves with the purpose of fixing a potentially dangerous bug found in the game when running under Windows XP. This puts Crystal Caves in the running for the game with the longest period of time between the release of the game and the release of a patch for the game. Crystal Caves is now at Version 1.0a. The patch can be obtained at the Downloads page.

In 2005, Crystal Caves fans were also treated to what was possibly the first Crystal Caves interview ever. Perilous Crystal Caves had the honour of asking the game's author, Frank Maddin, a series of mostly Crystal Caves related questions, put forth from Crystal Caves fans across the internet. Read what Frank has to say in the Frank Maddin Interview.

It is my hope that this website does justice to everyone with fond memories of playing Crystal Caves, as well as those just discovering the game.

Latest Update: July 5, 2011: Not dead yet.
So, it's been a little while since my last update. Life gets in the way of Crystal Caves love, unfortunately.

Nothing too major to report in this post, although you might have noticed a domain name change. We've moved from Toxicsheep.net to Rewound.net. Grafix is still graciously hosting PCCW and was nice enough to promptly provide me with some login details when it occured to me that I haden't done anything to this website in the past 5 years. The last update was on July 3 of 2006. It's now July 5 of 2011 (in case you didn't know).

I know this was promised back in 2006, but I do plan to fix this website up. I had honestly thought it might have fallen into decay (somehow...) in my absence, though I am pleased to see that it's still relatively functional. A few external links don't work, but that's easily fixed.

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