Crystal Caves Downloads / Modifications

Title: Crystal Caves Egg Hunt  

Author: S&F Prod., 2004  
Size: 42.0kb  
The first graphics mod to be made using CCMod. After accidentally injuring Easter Bunny, Mylo must don the Bunny's suit and retrieve all Eggs from Easter Planet in time for Easter!  

Title: Crystal Caves Graphics Mod  

Author: ElecDude33, 2004  
Size: 36.8kb  
The second CC Graphics mod to be made using CCMod. There doesn't appear to be a storyline.  

Title: New Crystal Caves levels  

Author: jazzie40, 2004  
Size: 27kb  
These two levels are the first ever new Crystal Caves levels, made using the author's in-progress CC Level Editor! If you're having trouble running these levels, go here.