Upon reaching this website you may have the desire to ask some questions. I know what these questions are, and have complied a list of frequently asked questions for you, because I enjoy helping.


Frequently Asked Questions.
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Who in the blue Hell are you?
I am Aaron. I am also known as SpikeNexus to some. I enjoy darkness, long walks in the local cemetary, and I suck knives for enjoyment. My favourite number is Pi to seven decimal places.

Why do you think people are really going to view this rancid excuse for a website?
People will view what I tell them to view, or suffer the consequences when I strike them down from atop my tower in the sky.

What is this website about?
This website is about ME. There is very little about anyone else on this website because I am the pinnacle of exsistence. Everyone else is merely a shadow in the shining light that is me. But I am level-headed enough to know that it is not everyone else's fault that they pale in comparison. I do not hold it against them (or you, since you're also merely a shadow).

You're an arrogant idiot. I wish you were dead.
Some people have said this, but it is only because they think they are right. Being right is EVERYTHING to them. It's quite sickening, really. They could not scientifically prove they were better, so they're obviously wrong. Them being wrong equals me being right, of course.

Where can I dontate X amount of cash to you?
You can donate money to me telepathically. Think of me, then think of how much money you would like to give me. Then email me and tell me your thoughts. I will trace the location of your email and steal the money from you while you sleep.

This obviously isn't a website designed to help anyone in any way. Why have you created it?
This website has been created because my loyal followers needed a place to set their homepages to. It also is a place where people can view the multiple websites I have created in the past few years.

Can I sign your guestbook?
Yes, you may.

Where is your guestbook?
I don't have one.

Why does your website's title threaten to kill my dreams (or at least cause them to die)?
That is what people in the show business call 'false advertising'. This website has nothing to do with dreams, or with the death of dreams. This website is completly different and less interesting to what you'd expect from reading the title. I get site hits in much the same way many politicians become elected for positions of power.

I clicked on an X-rated website link and ended up here. Why is that?
My trojans and spyware have hi-jacked your computer* to prevent you viewing those links, thus increasing my web traffric and site hits. It is my dream that one day in the future every single X-rated website will be redirected here. I will be in control of what everyone views. I will be kind of like Rupert Murdoch or Kerry Packer. Except my biased views will be better envoloped in charm, appeal and other distracting nouns.

I sent you an email previously and now it seems my email addresses has been signed up to many spam lists and questionable mailing lists.

Is the reason behind this website only being in black and white because you're too lazy and untalented to create anything more interesting?
Obviously... You couldn't be further from the truth. My website only consists of black and white because I am being considerate to the colour-blind people who may view my website from time to time. Think about that next time you maintain your colour-filled 'interesting' website, you selfish, inconsiderate fool.

Can you play the Guitar?
Yes I can. I am touring with Simple Plan next year as it was brought to their attention that they suck and need someone whose very existence can sell-out a stadium in their line-up. Although that doesn't really have much to do with a guitar... I can also play Piano, and as a result am touring with Simple Plan next year as it was brought to their attention that they suck and need someone whose very existence can sell-out a stadium in their line-up.

I think your website sucks.
That's because you're jelous.

Have you stolen the font used on this website from Evanescence?
No, I have not. But I plan to do so in the near future.

When will this FAQ section end?


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